07. Cader Idris and the City of a Thousand Trades

ergo: “Are finely wrought, and by the Artists sold, / Whose touch turns every Metal into Gold”

“It’s as though the artist is literally trying to deconstruct the avant garde tradition in which he was trained to find a point of contact with popular history.”

– Terry Grimley, Birmingham Post

1989 Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

1990 Sketchbook (David Cox)

1990 ‘Cader Idris – Horizon Line’, Central Lending Library, Birmingham

George T. Noszlopy: ‘Public Sculpture of Birmingham: 2’ (Public Sculpture of Britain), Liverpool University Press, 1998

Image: Diana Phillips 29 November 2008

PDF: 2015 Ally Standing | Cader Idris Notes

PDF: 2016 Ally Standing ‘Unpacking Cader Idris’

PDF: 1989 Studio | Cader Idris

PDF: Ikon Gallery | Colour View 1989

PDF: Cader Idris | IKON Catalogue

PDF: Cader Idris | Exhibition Guide

PDF: Cader Idris | IKON Press Release

PDF: 100 Birmingham Sketchbooks (1987)

PDF: Léger’s ‘The Grand Parade’

PDF: AJ | Cader Idris 1989

1985-1987 City of a Thousand Trades, Bell Street Passage (Public Art Collective)

PDF: Birmingham 1988

PDF: 1985 ‘1000 Hammers’ Bell Street Passage

PDF: Bell Street Passage | ©Luke Unsworth

LINK: West Midlands Public Art Collective

PDF: 1990 Jane Kelly’s Black Paintings

PDF: Will Alsop’s Hands 2006