Athena Tacha: Introduction to ‘Art in the Mind’, 1970


1972–75 BA Hons Fine Art (First Class), Birmingham Polytechnic

1975–78 MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London

2001 Advanced Diploma in Capacities for Managing Development, Open University

2017 Patron of The Baskerville Society

PDF: David Patten | Resume 08.06.2020


Working Material

PDF: www.davidpatten.co.uk 12.01.2020

Ben Waddington (author), Janet Hart (photographer): ‘111 Places In Birmingham That You Shouldn’t Miss’, Emons Verlag, 10 April 2023

Donald Judd | Happenstance 7-11 March 2023

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24.04.2020 | Working Note

24.04.2020 Remade Drawing | re. John Panting “There is no attempt to abridge the apparent redundancy with a sense of tacit order. The usual checks and balances are conspicuously absent.” [Ronnie Rees, 1975]

25.06.2022 | Siah Armajani, 1988

“…but we should have cultural democracy and also economic democracy, and then art will be needed and all art would happen…and we are just at the beginning of it.”

01.12.2020 | Art and Society, 1986

BBC 2 / Monday 13 October 1986 (filmed in 1985) | 12.40 General Studies Art and Upheaval: Art and Society | What use is art? How far should artists concern themselves with the social issues of their times? And if they do so, how effective is art as a means of moulding opinion? 
Sky Arts / Tuesday 1 December 2020 | 21.00 Goldie: The Art That Made Me | New. Renowned visual artist and musician Goldie goes on a personal and passionate journey into the world of graffiti and street art.

02.02.2021 | Golden Square

LINK: Fonts In Use: Poem at Golden Square, Birmingham

26.03.2021 | ‘Long View’ 2011-12

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LINK: The Humanist Heritage Project: Industry and Genius

The standing stones represent the letter punches which he cut to make his type, and the word virgil was Baskerville’s first book, published in 1757, as a re-print of the Roman author’s poems. Industry and Genius refers to a poem of the same title which first appeared in Aris’s Birmingham Gazette on 21 January 1751, with a dedication to John Baskerville. [Plaque accompanying Industry and Genius]

LINK: Friday Photo: Baskerville House (Ellie Gill)

12.09.2022 Émile Benveniste


New York | Day #6 / 11.00am Friday 23 September 2022, Judd 101 Spring Street NYC

Ad Reinhardt: Abstract Painting, Red, 1952, Oil on canvas, 63 × 43 inches (160 × 109.2 cm)


London | Day #4 / Christmas Day Walk [after Kabakov: ‘Monument to a Lost Glove’, 1996]



15.01.2023 | Hinckley 2003-2008 / 25.02.2023