17. William Forsyth, Sculptor (2015)

The publication will only be of any interest to those of us looking at the contribution of art to the development of Worcester and Worcestershire during the second half of the 19th century. It might also be of interest to those wanting to understand how art worked with the Victorian ecological imagination, and how this might save us now from our increasingly impoverished attitudes towards collaboration, city-building and place-making.

This publication provides an essential baseline for future research. In the words of the poet Yeats, it is about “Those images that yet Fresh images beget…”, except, of course, there are no images in this publication. For such niceties, you should keep your money in your pocket and go to the free on-line resource for entertainment: https://williamforsythworcester.com

PDF: WF_Announce_05.06.2015

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PDF: William_Forsyth_Proof 2016

PDF: The Grove | Listing 2013

PDF: William Forsyth 1914

PDF: William Forsyth & Eric Gill

PDF: JF_P&A Studio 4×4

PDF: 2015 C. Bruce Allen & Architectural Museum

PDF: 1856.01.12 The Builder p21

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PDF: William Forsyth | Notebook 23 May 1864