08. Baskerville and Birmingham

PDF: 100 Birmingham Sketchbooks (1987)

1990 ‘Monument to John Baskerville’, Birmingham

“Centenary Square in Birmingham has welcomed back its first piece of public art – an iconic sculpture, created to celebrate the work of the famous 18th century printer John Baskerville.”

PDF: Baskerville | The Poem (A Fable), 2013

PDF: 1990 Baskerville Drawings & Installation

PDF: Mel Gooding | PUBLIC – ART – SPACE, 1997

PDF: 2000 The City of B

PDF: Raymond Mason’s Hands, 2011

PDF: 14.09.2020 Birmingham Building Stone Trails
“…a volume of Virgil’s poetry being the first book that Baskerville printed in 1757. The letters and inscriptions are in bronze, but once again Portland Whitbed is used to construct the monument. This too has many broken fragments of oyster shell but also contains the floret-like heads of a reef forming algae, Solenopora portlandia which was endemic in the Portland seas. Fragments of S. portlandia observed here have broken off the reef and have accumulated in amongst the shell debris.”

LINK: Fonts In Use: Poem at Golden Square, Birmingham

2013 Paradise Circus, Birmingham | Architects’ Journal & Argent Design Charrette

PDF: 2013 Paradise Forum

2017 The Baskerville Society

PDF: Industry & Genius Baskerville Newsletter

PDF: 14.09.2020 Birmingham Building Stone Trails

1991 (& on-going) ‘[small] Monuments’

2012 Snow Hill Gateway, Birmingham (Define)

PDF: Snow Hill Red #3

PDF: Snow Hill Stories #6

PDF: A Fable’s Thin Disguise

PDF: enough | Brummagem

2001 Birmingham Public Art Framework

PDF: 2000 Birmingham Welcomes the World

PDF: 2001 Birmingham Public Art Framework (unadopted)

PDF: 2001 Birmingham City Council Public Art | Process

PDF: “…anything like this…”

PDF: 2020 artist | place & time

2008-2010 Big City Planners

PDF: 2018 Berlin | Apollinaire ‘Calligrammes’ 1918

PDF: 2008–2010 Big City Planners

PDF: 2008 Beorma Artists

PDF: 2008 BCU Art–Landscape–Place

Will Alsop’s Hands 10th May 2004 ©David Patten

PDF: Will Alsop’s Hands 2006

PDF: enough | Brummagem

LINK: Walking Tour