27. Work Notes


1977 Royal College of Art Abbey Minor Scholarship / Florence (Ghiberti / Brunelleschi)

Florence 1

“What is obtained from architecture, at all levels, is graduated experience. I would regard this as a fundamental problem. …the attempt to fuse all forms of visual imagery with architecture and architectural concepts. It also poses the question – an immensely important one – of whether the essential act of contemplation of a work is at all possible outside that graduated experience… / What is envisaged is people working outside the context of highly structured institutions but – this is essential – possessing the identity of the one to which they belong, engaged in work involving interested specialists in other fields and thus breaking down the mutually destructive isolation and exclusivity now common to both. … This would go some way to re-define the role of experimentation.”
– Peter de Francia: ‘Mandarins and Luddites’, Royal College of Art Inaugral Lectures, 1973

LINK: https://davidpattenwork.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/peter-de-francia-1973.pdf

LINK: https://davidpattenwork.com/7-197273747881/

2010 Drawing (Duomo)

2010 Drawing (Brunelleschi)

1978 Royal College of Art Travel Bursary / Paris (Leger)

1980 Painting like Leger

PDF: 1987 Paris Lecture

1981–1986 art link & Interlink (Poland & Mexico)

Poland 1
Poland 2

1983 Ikon Gallery ‘Artist in Schools’ and related…

IKON AIS Exhibition

PDF: 1983 Linocut

1985 Stephen Cooper | A Year in Painting (text)

PDF: 1985 Stephen Cooper | Ikon Gallery (text)

1985 Exhibition & 1986 Residency, Westhill College, Birmingham

1985 Porth-y-Rhaw, St Davids | Drawings

1985 St Davids Drawings

PDF: 1986 Porth-y-Rhaw, St Davids | Drawing

1986 BBC2 General Studies Art and Upheaval: Art and Society 
What use is art? How far should artists concern themselves with the social issues of their times? And if they do so, how effective is art as a means of moulding opinion? 12.40pm Monday 13 October 1986 (filmed in 1985)

1986 National Garden Festival, Stoke on Trent (unrealised hoardings)

1986 National Garden Festival

PDF: 1984 Drawing

1987-1996 Teaching FT & PT (with breaks)

PDF: 1987-1996 Teaching FT & PT

1987 Drawings

1987 2 Drawings


1990 ‘Monument to John Baskerville’, Birmingham

“Centenary Square in Birmingham has welcomed back its first piece of public art – an iconic sculpture, created to celebrate the work of the famous 18th century printer John Baskerville.”

PDF: Baskerville | The Poem (A Fable), 2013

LINK (BCC): ‘Iconic sculpture returned to Centenary Square’

Centenary Square
Baskerville Sketchbook 1
Baskerville Proposal

PDF: 1990 Baskerville Drawings & Installation

PDF: Mel Gooding | PUBLIC – ART – SPACE, 1997

PDF: 2000 The City of B

PDF: Raymond Mason’s Hands, 2011

2013 Paradise Circus, Birmingham | Architects’ Journal & Argent Design Charrette

PDF: 2013 Paradise Forum

2017 The Baskerville Society

PDF: Industry & Genius Baskerville Newsletter

PDF: 14.09.2020 Birmingham Building Stone Trails

1991 (& on-going) ‘[small] Monuments’

3 [small] Monuents


1989 ‘Cader Idris and the City of a Thousand Trades’, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Ikon Gallery 1989
Ikon Gallery | Installation 2
Cader Idris | Fixing Detail
David Cox copy

ergo: “Are finely wrought, and by the Artists sold, / Whose touch turns every Metal into Gold”

“It’s as though the artist is literally trying to deconstruct the avant garde tradition in which he was trained to find a point of contact with popular history.” – Terry Grimley

PDF: 1989 Studio | Cader Idris

Image: Diana Phillips 29 November 2008
Central Lending Library Public Art: 1989, David Patten, Cader Idris – Horizon Line


PDF: 2015 Ally Standing | Cader Idris Notes

PDF: 2016 Ally Standing ‘Unpacking Cader Idris’

Cader Sketchbook 1
Cader Sketchbook 2

PDF: Ikon Gallery | Colour View 1989

PDF: Cader Idris | IKON Catalogue

PDF: Cader Idris | Poster 1989

PDF: Cader Idris | Exhibition Guide

PDF: Cader Idris | IKON Press Release

PDF: 100 Birmingham Sketchbooks (1987)

PDF: Léger’s ‘The Grand Parade’

PDF: AJ | Cader Idris 1989

PDF: 1998 Noszlopy | Birmingham

1985-1987 City of a Thousand Trades, Bell Street Passage (Public Art Collective)

PDF: Birmingham 1988

PDF: 1985 ‘1000 Hammers’ Bell Street Passage

PDF: Bell Street Passage | ©Luke Unsworth

LINK: West Midlands Public Art Collective

PDF: 1990 Jane Kelly’s Black Paintings

PDF: Will Alsop’s Hands 2006

1990 Drawing

1990 4 Prints

4 x Prints 1990

1990 Sketchbook (David Cox)

Cader Idris Sketchbook 1
Cader Idris Sketchbook x4
1990 Paintings x4

1992-1994 ‘Paper & Canvas’

1991 ‘Screenprinted Hand-Made Papers’

Ad Reinhardt 1990–2020

PDF: ‘Dead Artists…’ Artists Newsletter, October 1990

Reinhardt x4

PDF: Reinhardt | Monotonous & Ugly Spaces

PDF: Ad Reinhardt | 27.06.2020 (RESTRICTED TEXT)

Reverse-engineered texts:





PDF: Georgetown University Library Special Collections (RESTRICTED TEXT)

PDF: Ad Reinhardt | Repetition 2015

PDF: Ad Reinhardt | Prophetic Voices 2016

PDF: Ad Reinhardt | WORLD? v7 Summary Refs 2017

PDF: Ad Reinhardt | To Be Part Of Things… 2020

Reinhardt Prophetic Voices

1991 Sketchbook

1990 Sketchbook 1
1990 Sketchbook X

PDF: 1991 Sketchbook


1992–1994 Sheffield Hallam University – Co-Lead Artist (with Jane Kelly)

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Sheff Black Book A
Sheff Black Book B
SHU Linera Park
SHU Amphitheatre
SHU Atrium Floor
Sheffield Atrium & Amphitheatre

PDF: 1992 Art in Public


1992–1994 Cardiff Bay Tyndall Street Design Team – Co-Lead Artist with Jane Kelly

1993–1994 Cardiff Bay Bute Square and Avenue Design Team – Co-Lead artist with Jane Kelly and Jack Mackie, with MBM Architects (Barcelona)

Cardiff Trace & Model
Screen shot 2020-06-02 at 12.12.05
Cardiff Stechbook
Cardiff Doors

PDF: Cardiff Bay | Artists Approach 1993

PDF: David Crawford | Bute Avenue

PDF: Cardiff | Jonathan Toon, 2012

1996–2000 c/PLEX

1996-2000 c-PIER


PDF: 04.02.1997 SHU Talk | c/PIER

Tower of CD

PDF: 10 Thoughts on the Tower of Cultural Democracy

PDF: 1993 Gillian Rose | Tower of Babel

PDF: Jubilee Archive | In Search of Cultural Democracy

PDF: c/PLEX Diagrams

c-Square 2

PDF: c/PLEX Review January 1998

Alsop x2
3x Alsop

2000 Public Art Journal Vol 1 #3 2000 (Art & Social Exclusion)

PDF: 2000 Venice Biennale of Architecture

PDF: 2000 Venice Biennale c/PLEX Fly Thru

PDF: 1980s_DP07.06.2012

PDF: c/PLEX & Cultural Democracy

PDF: Will Alsop | c/PLEX

PDF: Will Alsop 30.05.2000

2001–2002 Town Square West Bromwich, sub–consultant to Alsop Architects

2002 Town Square | Alsop

PDF: 2001 Town Square DP

PDF: 2002 Alsop c/SQUARE

PDF: 2004 THEpUBLIC Project Description

2004 Town Square West Bromwich, Lovejoy Birmingham


Braque's Funeral

PDF: Braque’s Hands 2006 & 2008

PDF: Braque 1962 Sunday Times

2000–2003 Project q290, Atherstone (with Dana Freiburger, Wisconsin-Madison)

q290 Sketchbook x4
q290_Aerials 2018

PDF: 2000-2003 Project q290 Atherstone

PDF: 2000–2003 Project q290 dwgs

2001–2004 Electric Wharf, Coventry (BPN Architects)

Lead artist to Complex Development Projects and architects Bryant Priest Newman for the design development of a former power station as live/work accommodation and 400 metre canal frontage. 

RICS Awards Winner 2007, RegenWM ‘Vison for Placemaking’ Winner 2007 and ‘Outstanding Place of the Decade’ Award 2010. 

2002 EW Sandy Lane & Site
EW Discussion Dwg 2003
EW External Works
Dear Larry
Electric Wharf Images A 2006
Electric Wharf Images B 2006

PDF: 2001–2004 | Electric Wharf, Coventry

PPT: , as always (EW) PowerPoint download

PDF: 2003 EW Comment

PDF: Electric Wharf | Sense of Place 2007

PDF: BPN Icknield Text

2001-2002 SciMus, Birmingham with PCPT, Bryant Priest Newman, and Glenn Howells Architects

2002 SciMus

2001-2005 pro/POSIT (with Maurice Maguire)

2001-2005 pro-POSIT
2002 Leamington

PDF: 2013 Leamington Spa South Town Bridge

L-Spa_Bridge 2013

2002–2003 Audientia

PDF: 2002–2003 Audientia

2003 Irish Centre, Birmingham (pro/POSIT), with architects Bryant Priest Newman


2003–2007 Hinckley Building:Building Hinckley (pro/POSIT with BPN Architects)

Atkins 1
Atkins 2

PDF: 2004–2005 Hinckley Building-Building Hinckley (pro/POSIT)

PDF: 2004–2007 Hinckley Building

PDF: 2003–2005 Atkins Factory | Images

PDF: Draft Atkins Report | less costs

PDF: Goddard Study BPN | less costs

PDF: 2008 Atkins Building | Planning Text

PDF: Atkins Hosiery Factory, Hinckley

2012 FarGO Creative Village, Coventry, scheme concept (BPN Architects) not realised

FarGO Canopy: Spoking patterns may be radial or semi-tangential. For a normal wheel size and spoke count, semi-tangential ‘lacing’ is used to transmit torque from the hub to the rim. The most common spoking pattern is ‘three-cross’ lacing, where each spoke crosses three others on the same flange of the hub before meeting the rim. The last cross is normally ‘interlaced’ by wrapping the spoke around the one from the other side of the flange.

PDF: FarGO & Culture of Coventry

PDF: FarGO#1_05.10.2012B

PDF: Coventry Inscribed Columns 2017

PDF: 1979–1980 Post-War Public Art in Coventry

PDF: 2019 Lethaby Diagram

2011-2013 Meshwork Worcester

Worcester COUNTY TOWN x2


2013 Town and Country Planning Association: Improving Culture, Arts and Sporting Opportunities through Planning. A Good Practice Guide

PDF: TCPA Guide 2013

2004 Collaboration

PDF: Public Art Online Resources – Collaboration – An Artist’s Perspective

PDF: Gillian Nicol | Playing Up, 2007

PDF: 2010 Collaboration

2004 ixia ‘Desirable Places’ (image)

ixia 2004 image

1993 West Midlands Arts International Travel Bursary to USA to study current public art policies and practices (New York, Baltimore, Washington, Minneapolis/St Paul) – subsequent 1994 showing of Siah Armajani at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Armajani | IKON Guide

PDF: New York Sketchbook

PDF: Armajani | Ikon 1994

2009 Red Teapot Day, Herbert M&AG, Coventry

Lemon Sculpture

PDF: 2009 Red Teapot Day, Coventry

PDF: 2009 Lemon Drawing

PDF: 2009 Lemon Text

2009 Network Rail National Centre, Milton Keynes (Capita Lovejoy & Rob Colbourne)

MK Network Rail
mkPLANTER line

PDF: 2007–2009 | MK & Springfield

PDF: 2008 Fairfield Public Art

2008-2015 Golden Square, Birmingham (BPN Architects & Capita Lovejoy)

Golden Square Letters
Golden Square
JQ Paving | Whistles and Pens
BPN 2014-15

Source: https://twitter.com The Golden Square. License: All Rights Reserved. 

PDF: Golden Square, Birmingham

PDF: Golden Square_II A1 boards_small

PDF: Golden Square Exhibition Boards

PDF: Golden Square Texts

PDF: Golden Square | Joe Holyoak 18.05.2015

Fonts In Use: Poem at Golden Square, Birmingham

Link: https://fontsinuse.com/uses/29708/poem-at-golden-square-birmingham

2010–2011 The Quick & The Dead

Icknield Posters

PDF: ‘The Quick and The Dead’

PDF: The Quick

PDF: The Dead

PDF: The In-Between

PDF: 2010 Q&D | Field of Potential


RIOT Stone, on-going

Riot Stone_2018

PDF: [small monument] Riot Stone, 2006

2007 New Wonder


‘Everything I know…’ (kenosis)

PDF: 2006 Small Painting | Kenosis

PDF: 2006 UCE | Public Art is…

PDF: 2007 UCE | Public Art Introduction

PDF: 2007 An Ordinary Thing…

PDF: Babel Texts 2006–2007

PDF: Drawing Notes 12th January 2007

PDF: 2007 “…artists grow weary”

2004–2006 Stourport Canal Basins Masterplan (pro/POSIT)

Collaboration with British Waterways on masterplanning of Brindley’s historic canal basins leading to design implementation and parallel commissioning programme. Heritage Lottery funded with additional funding support from Arts Council England-West Midlands, Wyre Forest District Council, and Arts & Business. Shortlisted for BURA Waterways Renaissance ‘Strategy & Master Planning’ Award 2006.

Stourport x2
Stourport Sketchbook
2005 Stourport Projection Test

PDF: Stourport Sketchbook 2004–2005

PDF: 2004 Stourport Principles #3

PDF: 2004 Stourport Geometries

PDF: 2005 Stourport Swing Bridge | (Armajani)

David Shrigley | Stourport

PDF: David Shrigley | John Fennyhouse Green Quote

Stourport Text Palimpest

[“The text is the label, and the painting is all of the landscape ‘above’ it.”]

493 & AERIAL

PDF: 2006 JFG at Lower Mitton 1768

PDF: ‘[a small] MONUMENT to John Fennyhouse Green’

2009 ‘Overlooking the Visual’ (Images)

Kathryn Moore : ‘Overlooking the Visual: Demystifying the Art of Design’, Taylor & Francis 2009, Routledge 2010.

Kathryn 2

PDF: Kathryn Moore, 2010

PDF: 2007–2012 Lovejoy:Capita Lovejoy

2007 Castle College Maid Marian Way Campus, Nottinghamwith Lovejoy Birmingham and Kathryn Moore

2007 Nottingham Plan

PDF: 2007 Castle College Nottingham

2008 Rally Park, Leicester, with Capita Lovejoy and Kathryn Moore

PDF: 2008 Rally Park, Leicester

PDF: Rally Park | report extract [small]

2008 Holy Bones, Leicester, with Capita Lovejoy

Holy Bones 2008

PDF: 2008 Holy Bones | Draft Text

PDF: 2009 Tettenhall Dwg #1

PDF: 2010 Bilston Briefing #3

PDF: 2010 SWBA | Type 1 Art


PDF: 2011–2012 Gravesend | Define

2012 Snow Hill Gateway, Birmingham (Define)

DE054_snow hill_concept_II

PDF: Snow Hill Red #3

PDF: Snow Hill Stories #6

PDF: A Fable’s Thin Disguise

PDF: enough | Brummagem

PDF: 2000 Birmingham Welcomes the World

Birmingham Public Art

PDF: 2001 Birmingham Public Art Framework (unadopted)

PDF: 2001 Birmingham City Council Public Art | Process

PDF: “…anything like this…”

PDF: 2020 artist | place & time

2008-2010 Big City Planners


PDF: 2018 Berlin | Apollinaire ‘Calligrammes’ 1918

PDF: 2008–2010 Big City Planners

PDF: 2008 Beorma Artists

PDF: 2008 BCU Art–Landscape–Place

2005-2011 Fragile Architecture

Fragile Architecture x2b

PDF: 2005–2011 Fragile Architecture

2004–2005 Culture & Regeneration Study, Corby BC (as pro/POSIT) 

Approaches, action plan and funding profile informed by the local, sub-regional and regional contexts, plus design principles for three ‘gateway’ roundabouts. 

2006–2008 Stourport Canal Basins Detailed Design 

Collaboration with British Waterways, Andrew Davis Partnership and others on detailed design for landscape works to historic canal basins site. BURA Waterways Renaissance ‘Historic Environment’ Award 2008 and ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award 2008. Winner of ‘Best Heritage Project’, National Lottery Awards 2009.

Stourport Set Out 1
Stourport Letters
JFG | Installation

PDF: 2006 JFG at Lower Mitton 1768

PDF: 2008 Monument to John Fennyhouse Green

PDF: 2008 DP Stourport Memory Text


1972 John Walker, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

PDF: John Walker | Ikon Gallery 1972

1979 Jochen Gerz, ‘The Depot Kulcher Piece #4’, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Jochen Gerz

PDF: Jochen Gerz | Le Dépot, 1979


2008 Health Quarter, Walsall (BPN Architects)

PDF: Pleck Road, Walsall | BPN 2008

2007 Flax Mill Sketchbook, Shrewsbury (BPN Architects, with PCPT Architects and MacCormac Jamieson Prichard Architects for CDP)

Flax Mill Sketchbook #2

PDF: 2007 Flax Mill | Text

2006-2008 Drawing Surfaces

2006 2007 Drawing
2007 2 Greens

2007–2012 Dartmouth Park Pavilion, West Bromwich (BPN Architects)

Dartmouth Park
Screenshot 2020-06-06 18.32.27

PDF: Dartmouth Park Pavilion | BPN Architects

PDF: Feasibility First Draft

PDF: Dartmouth Park Pavilion, West Bromwich

PDF: Dartmouth Park | Mathematical Conundrum

PDF: Dartmouth Park | Nothing But The View, 2007

PDF: 2006–2007 Green Bridge Feasibility Study

LINK: Phil’s Film

PDF: 2011 The art of… | Birmingham Post

1982 Dennis Oppenheim, ‘Vibrating Forest’, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Oppenheim Catalogue

PDF: Dennis Oppenheim | Vibrating Forest, 1982


2012 University of Warwick

Warwick Mirror

PDF: University of Warwick | Vision 2012

2011–2013 Meshwork Worcester with Rob Colbourne & Stuart Mugbridge

Arts Council England Lottery funded partnership with Worcester City Council in collaboration with Rob Colbourne and Stuart Mugridge.

2013 Cornmarket, Worcester

Cornmarket X2
ixia | Cultural Well-Being

PDF: ixia Cultural Well-Being 2013

PDF: ixia Cultural Well-Being 2014 unpublished

PDF: 2011 | ixia Longview List

PDF: 2011 | ixia Longview

PDF: Different Approaches 2016



Cultural Wayfaring

PDF: Thomas Brock | Convergence 2011

PDF: Cultural Wayfaring 2012

PDF: ScreenHouse | ReActivation 2012

LINK: Meshwork Worcester Sketchbook

PDF: 2010–2011 Taskscape


2010 RMG Sutton Coldfield with Stuart Mugridge and BPN Architects

2010 RMG - BPN

Sutton 380 & Bows

PDF: 2010 Birmingham Z Text

PDF: 2010 Postal Arrangements at the World Scout Jubilee Jamboree

PDF: BPN Delivery Office Scheme

PDF: 01. Consultation Invitation

PDF: 02. Consultation Board Layout

PDF: Project Themes

PDF: 2010 RMG Museum ‘Story’

2011–2015 William Forsyth, Sculptor


PDF: WF_Announce_05.06.2015

LINK: https://williamforsythworcester.com/

PDF: WF_Full_Accounts_534

PDF: William_Forsyth_Proof 2016

PDF: The Grove | Listing 2013

PDF: William Forsyth 1914

PDF: William Forsyth & Eric Gill

PDF: JF_P&A Studio 4×4

PDF: 2015 C. Bruce Allen & Architectural Museum

PDF: 1856.01.12 The Builder p21

PDF: 1856.01.12 The Builder p22

PDF: William Forsyth | Notebook 23 May 1864


Black Book 1

Black Book 2

Black Book 3

Important Texts:

PDF: Walter Darby Bannard | Touch & Scale 1971

PDF: Tim Hilton | John Walker 1972

PDF: John Walker 1972 p240

PDF: Raymond Hains (1975)

PDF: Peter de Francia 1973

PDF: Leger | Functions of Painting

PDF: Kosuth | Teaching to Learn

PDF: Kosuth | Teaching to Learn [Full Text]

PDF: Reinhardt | Monotonous & Ugly Spaces

PDF: Jeff Kelley | Westminster 1993

PDF: Prynne & Doctorow

PDF: Reinhardt | Individual 05.04.2014