21. Some Other Projects

1986 BBC2 General Studies Art and Upheaval: Art and Society

What use is art? How far should artists concern themselves with the social issues of their times? And if they do so, how effective is art as a means of moulding opinion? 12.40pm Monday 13 October 1986 (filmed in 1985).

1992–1994 Sheffield Hallam University – Co-Lead Artist with Jane Kelly

Image | https://public-art.shu.ac.uk/sheffield/kel62im.html

PDF: 1992 Art in Public

1992–1994 Cardiff Bay Tyndall Street Design Team – Co-Lead Artist with Jane Kelly 

1993–1994 Cardiff Bay Bute Square and Avenue Design Team – Co-Lead artist with Jane Kelly and Jack Mackie, with MBM Architects (Barcelona).

PDF: Cardiff Bay | Artists Approach 1993

PDF: David Crawford | Bute Avenue

PDF: Cardiff | Jonathan Toon, 2012

2003 Irish Centre, Birmingham (pro/POSIT with BPN Architects)

2003–2008 Hinckley Building:Building Hinckley (pro/POSIT with BPN Architects)

Atkins Bros. Factory, Hinckley | 17th March 2008

“The destruction of historic buildings is…more often…the result of failure to make imaginative efforts to find new uses for them…” [ref. PPG15 3.16]

For the purposes of this study, the former factory buildings being considered for new use are the 1875-77 (extended 1909-10) block that runs along Baines Lane before turning onto Lower Bond Street, and the 1909-10 extension that continues the factory along Lower Bond Street. In total, the two buildings measure approximately 3800m2 over four floors.

The earliest block was designed by Joseph Goddard in partnership with Alfred Paget, and the later block by Henry Goddard in partnership with William Catlow. For convenience, this study refers to both buildings as the Goddard buildings. On the 8th February 2006, the Department of Culture, Media & Sport, under Section 1 of the Planning Act 1990 (Listed Building and Conservation Areas), added the Goddard buildings to the list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest. 

Partnership with Bryant Priest Newman Architects on new build and refurbishment design options for education and creative industries. Green Apple Environment Award 2014.

PDF: 2004–2005 Hinckley Building-Building Hinckley (pro/POSIT)

PDF: 2004–2007 Hinckley Building

PDF: 2003–2005 Atkins Factory | Images

PDF: Draft Atkins Report | less costs

PDF: Goddard Study BPN | less costs

PDF: 2008 Atkins Building | Planning Text

PDF: Atkins Hosiery Factory, Hinckley

2004–2005 Culture & Regeneration Study, Corby BC (pro/POSIT) 

Approaches, action plan and funding profile informed by the local, sub-regional and regional contexts, plus design principles for three ‘gateway’ roundabouts. 

2007 Castle College Maid Marian Way Campus, Nottingham (with Lovejoy Birmingham and Kathryn Moore)

PDF: 2007 Castle College Nottingham

2007 Flax Mill Sketchbook, Shrewsbury (with BPN Architects, PCPT Architects and MacCormac, Jamieson Prichard Architects for CDP)

PDF: 2007 Flax Mill | Text

2008 Health Quarter, Walsall (BPN Architects)

PDF: Pleck Road, Walsall | BPN 2008

2008 Rally Park, Leicester (with Capita Lovejoy and Kathryn Moore)

PDF: 2008 Rally Park, Leicester

PDF: Rally Park | report extract [small]

2008 Holy Bones, Leicester (with Capita Lovejoy)

PDF: 2008 Holy Bones | Draft Text

PDF: 2009 Tettenhall Dwg #1

PDF: 2010 Bilston Briefing #3

PDF: 2010 SWBA | Type 1 Art

2011–2012 Gravesend (with Define)

PDF: 2011–2012 Gravesend | Define

2012 Snow Hill Gateway, Birmingham (Define)

PDF: Snow Hill Red #3

PDF: Snow Hill Stories #6

PDF: A Fable’s Thin Disguise

PDF: enough | Brummagem

PDF: 2000 Birmingham Welcomes the World