21. Some Other Projects

1986 BBC2 General Studies Art and Upheaval: Art and Society

What use is art? How far should artists concern themselves with the social issues of their times? And if they do so, how effective is art as a means of moulding opinion? 12.40pm Monday 13 October 1986 (filmed in 1985).

1992–1994 Sheffield Hallam University – Co-Lead Artist with Jane Kelly

Image | https://public-art.shu.ac.uk/sheffield/kel62im.html

PDF: 1992 Art in Public

1992–1994 Cardiff Bay Tyndall Street Design Team – Co-Lead Artist with Jane Kelly 

1993–1994 Cardiff Bay Bute Square and Avenue Design Team – Co-Lead artist with Jane Kelly and Jack Mackie, with MBM Architects (Barcelona)

PDF: Cardiff Bay | Artists Approach 1993

PDF: David Crawford | Bute Avenue

PDF: Cardiff | Jonathan Toon, 2012

2003 Irish Centre, Birmingham (pro/POSIT with BPN Architects)

2003–2007 Hinckley Building:Building Hinckley (pro/POSIT with BPN Architects)

PDF: 2004–2005 Hinckley Building-Building Hinckley (pro/POSIT)

PDF: 2004–2007 Hinckley Building

PDF: 2003–2005 Atkins Factory | Images

PDF: Draft Atkins Report | less costs

PDF: Goddard Study BPN | less costs

PDF: 2008 Atkins Building | Planning Text

PDF: Atkins Hosiery Factory, Hinckley

2004–2005 Culture & Regeneration Study, Corby BC (pro/POSIT) 

Approaches, action plan and funding profile informed by the local, sub-regional and regional contexts, plus design principles for three ‘gateway’ roundabouts. 

2007 Castle College Maid Marian Way Campus, Nottingham (with Lovejoy Birmingham and Kathryn Moore)

PDF: 2007 Castle College Nottingham

2007 Flax Mill Sketchbook, Shrewsbury (with BPN Architects, PCPT Architects and MacCormac, Jamieson Prichard Architects for CDP)

PDF: 2007 Flax Mill | Text

2008 Health Quarter, Walsall (BPN Architects)

PDF: Pleck Road, Walsall | BPN 2008

2008 Rally Park, Leicester (with Capita Lovejoy and Kathryn Moore)

PDF: 2008 Rally Park, Leicester

PDF: Rally Park | report extract [small]

2008 Holy Bones, Leicester (with Capita Lovejoy)

PDF: 2008 Holy Bones | Draft Text

PDF: 2009 Tettenhall Dwg #1

PDF: 2010 Bilston Briefing #3

PDF: 2010 SWBA | Type 1 Art

2011–2012 Gravesend (with Define)

PDF: 2011–2012 Gravesend | Define

2012 Snow Hill Gateway, Birmingham (Define)

PDF: Snow Hill Red #3

PDF: Snow Hill Stories #6

PDF: A Fable’s Thin Disguise

PDF: enough | Brummagem

PDF: 2000 Birmingham Welcomes the World